“My parents raised me with the knowledge that the world is a miraculous place, a place that is waiting to be explored. I want to pass this sense of wanderlust on to my boys and give them the curiosity that was passed on to me. I have incredible memories of exploring Venetian canals and alleyways with my father, of listening to my mother talk about the beauty of La Mamounia in Marrakech or spending summers passing time searching for shells on the shores of New England. My greatest joy now is traveling with my sons and watching them discover and explore new places and cultures.” — Tory

Above: Tory and her three sons, overlooking Machu Picchu

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  • http://twitter.com/observer_91 observer1
  • StyleNeverSleeps

    I love Machu Picchu, it’s so incredibly beautiful but I haven’t been in years despite the fact my relatives recently opened a hotel there! You’re inspiring me to make another visit! Glad to see you had some time to really enjoy it with your kids!

  • Pierina

    Hi Tory, I’m from Lima Peru and it’s nice to see that you took your family to my home country. There are so many things to see and do but Machu Piccu is the best by far! I’m looking forward to take my daughter there.

  • Ddroy

    I couldn’t agree more. Traveling with our two girls is what we love most. There is nothing quite like revisiting a coveted spot and seeing it again for the first time thru their innocent eyes. Applauding you (yet again) on great choices. Happy Mothers Day to you, Tory and to all of your staff.

  • http://twitter.com/frankidurbin franki durbin

    I have to agree. I developed wanderlust at a very young age. My father has traveled the world and back – and still continues to circle the globe. It is important to me that I share that curiosity and sense of wonder (as well as offer a richer life experience) to my daughter. We live in an amazing world. The ability to explore it is a truly precious opportunity. Too marvelous to waste!

  • PhaedraLav

    machu picchu! it was so nice!

  • Jody

    I cannot believe that your boys are so grown up! i met them when the twins were in a stroller and that seemed about two weeks ago!

    What lucky guys.