“‘Who’s Reva?’ It’s the question I get asked the most because people want to know the story behind our signature Reva ballet flat…. Reva is my mother, the most effortlessly stylish woman I know and my greatest source of inspiration. She always jokes that she never thought she would be famous for a shoe!” —Tory

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  • Flora Samonte

    i have about 35 tory shoes all of them are flats because i am a great fan of flat shoes. I hope we (the die hard torys) would have an access in advance for new tory and a discount too.  Flora of PI

  • Happy

    I LOVE these shoes, but I can’t afford them! Would you consider making a cheaper line for teenagers who’s feet havn’t stopped growing yet!?�

  • Stephanie Godke

    Really do need wide. A comfortable flat that is dressy is something many of us would buy.

  • Mary staples

    lovely smile

  • Gabbott254

    Make black leather tumbled revas!!
    and leopard ones again please!!

  • Funnygirl1221

    So much love your Reva line…but like everyone else, please consider making a wider version…I am  true 9 but find that they do run slightly short so I have to order a 9.5. And, sometimes, just sometimes, can you run a special with a slight discount…you won’t lose sales because I’m sure everyone would consider buying more than one pair at a time….and spending $200 at once can be costly with someone on a budget but who still wants to look stylish..but don’t every stop making this style because I wear flats all the time…I see so many girls walking in the them daily….a pairt of shoes that every girl should have in their closet….

  • Richgirl99

    my daughter loves tory burch and she has 7 pairs of flats she just love them and there not so expensive but i love buying the since we live in hollywood there is a close store to us

  • Channamcnielroe

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your flats just the way they are… please do not make them wider!  I buy yours specifically because they FIT my feet – and they look great, of course. I have 12 pairs of TB shoes and if anything, I could use a narrow in some styles (sandals, platforms & boots). But the flats are perfect just they way they are.

  • Mrskedwards1

    yes yes yes!!!! these would be gorgeous in RED!!!

  • Lora007

    reva in WIDE withs please!!!

  • Annette

    I wish that you would make all of your shoes in size 12 not just a couple of pair i really love your shoes…………please think about adding more size 12 to the great collection you already have…

  • Eleanor

    Would you ever consider making the Reva Leopard in hair on hide with red leather “T” logo?

  • Fisherl71

    I have purchase 2 pair thinking it was my feet but its the shoe….they r to narrow and not wide enough I wasted my money because I wore then both and couldn’t return then….Please consider make these show a little wider…

  • Keh

    make them in a women’s 12 and 13.  Women with big feet want good looking shoes too!  

  • Keh

    Flip flops in sizes 12 and 13 too!  How about all your shoes in large sizes!  Please!!!!!

  • Zayna6

    Searching high and low for Revas ballet shoes in suede fall or earth  colors like black, tan/gold, brown, rust….

    Any suggestions

  • Tulip

    I just got my flats as a birthday gift. They are orange and look super cute. But they really not very comfortable. I don’t know why most of the tory flats  have the stretchable back? It does not make the shoe nicer and it is really not comfortable. I hope the stretchable back can be removed. >.< 

  • Ashley


  • Simonembecker

    Love hearing this. These are my signature shoes and when I hit a financial bump my daughter bought me a new pair, which made them even more special. Knowing a stylist mother was the inspiration an other reason to love them.

  • pinky LR

    I love the reva flats. perfect for narrow feet like mine. the black w/ gold medallion is fabulous!

  • tdeh

    Your mother is gorgeous! What a wonderful muse for you :-)

  • Barbara

    I too need a wider width. Love your shoes/sandals but find they all run narrower that the industry standard for “medium”.
    Just purchased your “Thora” sandal and for size 11 its barely LONG enough, width is fine. Own “Gail “sandal and the 11 is plenty long enough but NARROW. Need to watch the quality control on the size/width.

  • lucy

    Keep making the 12s and sending them to Bloomingdales, your signature stores, Nordstrom and Neimans – PLEEZE! Can’t get enough REVA honey!

  • Carolyn

    I love the reva flat in tan but you don’t make that in a 12. Every other color you do except that one. ;(

  • Katharine

    i love them

  • Julie L.

    Tory, like many women have said. Can you please include the Reva in a larger width? I was born with a bunion (paternal side) I have delt with it for my whole life. It’s very difficult to find shoes in general. I tend to gravitate towards sandals and fuzzy boots.

  • inp

    please make it in wide :((

  • Nick

    Tory Honey, as those with foot problems and it looks like an emerging market for the opposite sex you might want want to up your sizes and widths.

  • Nick

    Me personally, because I think ballet flats are the ultimate comfort and fashion shoe for both sexes. I love an extremely low vamped shoe like the Reva in the mens market place from the stand points of comfort and catering to us with flat feet and high insteps while keeping fashion forward and adding the premise of gender neutrality to “Ballerina flats”

  • Dorism57


  • Bonnie

    I agree! Tory Burch is losing my $$$

  • Bonnie


  • misi

    Are you kidding me!!!! women with big feet need more shoes than you ok!…u can go any freaking place and find shoes even on sales rack but I have to pay a premium when I see my size 12 on a modest income imagine!!

  • misi

    Sorry key just realized u are FOR us big feet ladies…I thought u were asking if women with big feet want nice shoes too..