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Every once in a while, it feels right to pull out the classics we read in high school. Tender is the Night is one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s finest, and upon every subsequent reading, you pick up something new.

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  • AW

    When i read this book in high school, I remember it beginning with Rosemary seeing the Divers on the beach in France and then later cutting back in time to the story of Nicole meeting Dick at the hospital in Switzerland. But I recently re-read it and perhaps the edition was different, but this version was told in linear order, beginning at the hospital in the Alps and meeting Rosemary halfway through. Has anyone else noticed that there are two versions of this book?

  • http://www.mangoandginger.blogspot.com Kit Pollard

    The version I have is from high school (in the early ’90s) and it definitely starts in France with Rosemary. Why would someone switch it? That seems wrong!

  • Miles Ladin

    Love Fitz & the beautiful cover designs! Don't remember this stunner
    but of course the cover of The Great Gatsby that includes the abstracted eyes and mouth is iconic!