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  • We recommend spraying leather shoes and boots with a treatment like Meltonian before wearing.
  • Remove salt stains during the winter by dabbing a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Wipe clean with a water-soaked rag and air dry away from any heat source.
  • Remove scuff marks by dipping a clean cloth into water and then baking soda. Gently rub the spot. Dab clean with a water-soaked rag and buff dry.


  • We recommend spraying suede shoes and boots with a treatment like Meltonian before wearing.
  • Gently buff away stains with an eraser or emery board. Avoid water or stain solutions.


  • While stains are hard to get rid of, greatly reduce their appearance by using a soft, clean brush to remove any excess dirt. Use a washcloth and Ivory soap to wash the shoe, then blot dry.

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  • Shoeman

    Unfortunately, not.  Black soled shoes can leave marks at any price point.  That is why many skippers will not allow black soled shoes on deck. 

  • Shoeman

    Ask the guys at Bloomies Designer Shoe Salon in midtown where they have shoes repaired.  I know it is close by and they do an excellent job.

  • Shoeman

    You are correct.

  • Shoeman

    Most cobblers will not resole rubber soled shoes as it is very time consuming and labor is such an expense.  Time to buy another pair.

  • Larrypsy

    Can Tory Burch leather eddie shos be dyed? 

  • 123

    I got scissors and cut the elastic completly. A bit disappointed tgar i paid an arm for them then had to cut it. It helped a lot then the upper toe started to dig in. Back to scissors removed all the thread too to stoo ut from cutting into my sides. Wow would would of thought that i would have to completly hack a soe in order fir it to fit. Which brings up a very good question, did any body try the dang things on before they went into manufacturing?

  • http://www.innovativedrycleaning.com/ dry cleaning Monroe County

    Leather and suede garments and accessories require a different method of maintenance compared to those made of cotton. Your love for your leather hand bags, garments and shoes is understandable for they do not come cheap. Proper cleaning and care are required so that you will get to enjoy wearing them for a relatively long time.

  • http://www.valentinogaremi.ca/ Shoe Care

    Thanks for this informative and helpful article. I’ve use the tips which are discussed above and found a great result, my shoes are really better than what was it before.Waiting for a new article.Keep it up. 

  • MTL1228

    I have a pair of Reva flats which I got 3 months ago and the interior has entirely torn out from the base.  Is there anything I can do?  I love the Revas and this has never happened to my Eddies.

  • http://blog.toryburch.com aweiss

    Please email inquiries@toryburch.com, attention Sobeyda, for help.

  • Tina

    I love my Reva flats but the golden metal logo is coming off, I don’t want to just glue it, what should I do?? :(

  • http://blog.toryburch.com aweiss

    Please email inquiries@toryburch.com, attention Sobeyda, and she will assist you.

  • Smilesaver07

    Has anyone bought the caroline flats with the elastic all around?

  • melissa miller

    I have a pair of tan patent flats with elastic all around.  I’ve worn them for a few months and the elastic is getting dirty and discolored.  How do I clean it?

  • Amysjames1226

    I am very disappointed with the flip flops I just purchased. I was advised to get a
    Size larger and now they are stretched out and at least a half size too big. Is there anything I can do?

  • Sandersalexis35

    Hello, I have some sandles I just bought them and tripped on them the material of the top part of my sandles are chipped off this there any way I could fix it?

  • Anonymous

    Please email inquiries@toryburch.com, attention Sobeyda, for help.

  • Anonymous

    Please email inquiries@toryburch.com, attention Sobeyda, for help.

  • KS1027

    The big “T” emblem came off my right shoe (left side) as well as a gold button on that side. The gold button on the right side of right shoe also came off. Honestly didn’t wear the shoe more than 4/5 times total (apparent w/ how brand new they still look). I have my receipt from purchasing at full price from the Saaks 5th Ave. Store ($300+ spent on this pair of shoes)!!!!! Saaks was totaly in agreement w/ me that the shoe is obviously under the category “manufacturer’s defect”. Waiting for repair / replacement before anymore Tory B purchases are made by me (or any of my friends)!!!

  • Stepherrera

    I have a Tory Burch black Logo Clutch. I’ve only used it a total of 10x in a 8 month period. The problem is the gold emblem has scratches throughout. Is there anyway to repair this? It makes my handbag look cheap. So disappointed I would have purchased the solid black one had I known.
    Sincerely ,

  • Christine Sanquist

    Hi, I have a pair of Tory Burch riding boots that I adore. I just got them 2 months ago, however, and half of the gold ornament fell off of my right boot. Is there any way to get this fixed (especially since I can’t find the missing half?) Thanks!

  • Megan Hoang

    When I first purchased a pair of Noel Ballet flats, the wear of the flats were painful like what others experienced. However, after putting heel cushions in the back of the flats, the comfort of the shoes were eventually broken into and the wear now is so comfy. I wear it all the time to work or any kind of day! Now that they are broken into, I don’t even need the heel cushions anymore. Just make sure when you remove the heel cushions; carefully do so or else the sticky residue from the heel cushions will be left over :)

  • shel

    I have TB wedge, white leather. i tried to clean with water and soap and it turned to yellowish white. What shld i do? how to clean a white leather shoes?

  • http://www.facebook.com/aileen.delington Aileen Delington

    Hi. I just bought a pair of Calista Boots and they don’t zip all the way up. How can I stretch them?

  • Jessica B.

    I recently purchased my second pair of reva flats after the soles of my first pair completely wore through. Now the soles in my second pair are wearing out as well, and I just bought them a few months ago. I love the reva flats-they are so comfortable and I love the look, but I don’t think I can buy a new pair every six months. Does anyone know if the soles can be repaired?

  • Courtney

    my Reva flats aren’t really even wearable anymore. after less than 2 years, and I saved up a while to get them. :( the sole has completely come unglued and the elastic has stretched so much that they don’t even stay on. I wish they lasted longer for $200. :(

  • Bella

    Hey:) can u please tell me how to clean the yellow stains on my white shoes? Please guys I love my shoes and I really want the to be clean:(

  • Alexandra Diaz

    I have a pair of black reva flats with the silver and the middle of the t broke off keep in mind they where warn with love no dragging and no scuffs but I was walking and I guess I walked away not noticing what had just happened . is there a way of getting a new silver t so I can change it

  • Jennie

    Hi, thanks for the tips. Just wondering if the leather cleaners are safe to use on the metallic shoes? (i.e., metallic Caroline flat)

  • Cassie Perez

    my reva fold over metal emblem is scratched
    is there a way to fix?
    seems to scratch easily

  • Ali

    I have a pair of reva flats that are less than a year old. The emblem fell off the left shoe and I contacted Tory and they told me that they did not repair everyday wear and tear. I think this is a little ridiculous, will super glue ruin the shoe if I just glue it back on? As a student it isn’t really feasible for me to buy a new pair right now.


    Purchased a pair of the Caroline flats and was completely in love although after a few months of wearing them the bottoms are completely falling apart. Adorable flats, although for the amount of money, i’m disappointed in the quality.

  • Guest

    I purchased these pair of Caroline flats, which i was completely in love with at first. After a few months, i noticed the insides were discoloring, and the bottoms are literally falling apart. Really disappointed considering how much i spent on them!

  • Melissa

    Black heels? I have the black reva flat and my heels are black!! I wear the flats with stickings or knee highs and no matter what I have black heels.

  • Atomic Fox

    I took mine to a shoe repair place but it’s coming off again. There was no response?? I love them. I hate to just throw them away.

  • Lew

    My emmy gold sandal has faded and now appears to have a pinkish color to them. Can this be repaired?

  • Jenna

    hi I have recently bought a Tory miller sandal and I got a big scratch on the sign.is there a way to fix it??

  • Melissa deWitt

    Any advice on my toes squeaking inside my Sophie wedges? It’s loud when I walk! Is my toenail polish rubbing the inside of the show? How do I fix this?

  • Eva

    Same problem. But I only purchased my reva flat about 20 days ago and the metal logo is coming off :(

  • Malu Arizpe

    My navy blue Tory rainboots turned whitish (a white, chalky look) What can I do for them? What can I buy to return the color to them? They´re not glossy, the original look is mate

  • snowgirl

    Has anyone been experiencing the coming off insole? It’s been almost a year since I have Sally wedge and the insole started coming off last week. I am so sad and don’t know what to do. Any suggestion how to fix this? Thank you.

  • Adriana

    Hi all! I just purchased my first pair of Tory Miller flats and they are a little snug -I was wondering if they stretch out a bit?

  • Kahlee

    What’s the best way to get scuffs off of the beige Caroline flats?

  • Tori Holcomb

    I recently bought a pair of the black miller sandals and the emblem on the top seems to be wrinkling up. I have only worn them 2 times & would like to know if they can be repaired or if this is normal?