Photographed by Jennifer Livingston

Come backstage with Tory Daily as we talk to a trio of
beauty insiders about the Fall 2015 runway look.

Eugene Souleiman

The Inspiration
The girlfriends of the rock stars of the Sixties, sitting at the VIP table at a festival — that’s the vibe. It’s not the camp side of the Sixties, but the cool side that is still polished but coming into hippiedom.

The Look
Totally natural. Very pretty, slightly bohemian. Fresh, young, cool. The girls are all kinds of characters but from this same genre — so some girls have light, feathered bangs, some have more volume… It’s about getting hair to feel like hair, not to feel like a specific hair style. What we’re doing is making the hair look effortless and undone.

One Look You Can Recreate at Home
We’re doing natural waves with some of these girls — loose waves, not waves with a lot of volume. I literally take a huge chunk of hair — like maybe a quarter of the head — and wrap it around the biggest curling iron. But face the curling iron downward [as you’re doing this] so you’re creating a soft wave not a bubbly curl. Then pull down slowly and, as you take the hair away, you get a very, very soft hint of a natural wave. Do one section to the left, one to the right, two in the back. Add a little surf spray at the ends, just to massage in and break the hair up, and you’re done.

Diane Kendal/Tory Burch Beauty

The Inspiration
Chelsea meets Morocco.

The Look
A rock-and-roll feel. Soft and sexy. This is really a no-makeup makeup look.

The Skin
Prep the skin with toner and moisturizer, then use a light-coverage foundation. Add some blush — we’re using Tory’s bronzer and blush in Divine — on the apples of the cheek, brushing up to the temples.

The Eyes
This look is more about putting on and taking off. First, apply Jolie Laide from Tory’s Pas Du Tout eye shadow palette across the lid — blending up into the eyebrow — and black eyeliner on the inside of the top and bottom lids. Then, using your fingers, rub your eyes and, with some moisturizer, clean off the excess. Add mascara. And put a tiny bit of lip balm on the lids. The rubbing of the eyes gives the look a kind of rock-and-roll feel.

Take the Look from Day to Night
Just add the black Au Contraire eye shadow from Tory’s Pas Du Tout palette to make it smokier, more evening-y. This palette is a really universal palette — it’s got your highlights, your lighter shades, your darker shades — so you can do a very natural eye or you can easily enhance it and make it more smokey.

Shop Tory’s bronzer and blush.
Shop Tory’s eye shadow palette.

Kim D’Amato/Priti NYC

The Inspiration
Soft, classy, beautiful.

The Look
Very clean. We’re using Priti NYC’s Truly Yours Carnation, which is a neutral tone. We’re filing the nails into an oval shape.

The Steps
Very simple — just a base coat, then two coats of nail color, then a top coat.

Trend of the Season
Aside from a burgundy vamp color, which has come back in, you’re going to see a lot of classic, clean nails, a lot of French manicures. I feel like we’re going back to the classic ways of doing things before we all got crazy with color.

Winter Nail-Care Tips
Keep your cuticles moisturized. A lot of girls have hands that are damaged already because they’re not wearing gloves outside in this extreme weather. Remember to use a nail strengthener on your nails and cuticle oils on your cuticles. And lots of hand cream.

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