Picnic Table, with Hail Stones, Colorado Springs, CO, 1980, photographed by Sam Abell © Sam Abell

Gardens — we can’t get enough of them, as any avid reader of Tory Daily will know. They’ve long been a font of inspiration for Tory too, who, just this season, even designed long drop earrings in the shape of gardening tools. Our latest obsession is The Photographer in the Garden (Aperture), a nearly 300-page ode to the deep-rooted relationship between gardens and photography. Authors Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear explore every possible angle, from the art of pleasure gardens to floral arrangements. But the real draw here is the impressive constellation of photographers featured, familiar names you may not realize have a connection to beautiful blooms: Walker Evans, Wolfgang Tillmans, Edward Steichen, Robert Mapplethorpe, Horst P. Horst, Stephen Shore…. “I’m a traveler who visits gardens for solace and visual inspiration,” explains lensman Sam Abell of his love of flora. “That means I seek from gardens what I seek from life itself — visually layered scenes that hold the possibility for meaningful photographic moments.”


Haradani-en 1, Northwest Kyoto, 2010, from the series View, Kyoto, photographed by Jacqueline Hassink © Jacqueline Hassink

Calla, 1929, from the series Pflanzenformen, photographed by Imogen Cunningham © 2018 Imogen Cunningham Trust. All rights reserved. Courtesy George Eastman Museum

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