Untitled (Viaggio in Italia), 1997, by Ian Wallace, photographed by SITE Photography,
courtesy of Vancouver’s Catriona Jeffries Gallery

The O.G. of art fairs is back: Art Basel arrives on June 15th. For four days, the art world will converge in Basel, Switzerland, for a full roster of events and exhibitions. In addition to the miles and miles of gallery showings, there will be 22 site-specific works located in the city’s main square plus a installation-cum-amusement park by Claudia Comte, which will include activities such as darts, mini golf, bowling and dancing competitions. Want a front-row seat from the comfort of your couch? Aside from being a voyeur on Instagram, you can watch all the talks as they’re live-streamed on the Art Basel YouTube channel. Panel participants include artist Annette Messager and curators Kasper König and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

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