Photographs courtesy of Blazé Milano
There are certain things every woman — no matter her style, age or profession — should own. A trench, a white button-down, a great riding boot. And, of course, a perfectly-cut blazer. Friends Delfina Pinardi, Sole Torlonia and Corrada Rodriguez d’Acri understood that finding just the right jacket, however, isn’t always easy depending on the whims of the season’s trends. So they co-founded Blazé Milano, a bespoke blazer collection that caters to every kind of look and pulls from Milan’s long history of fine hand-tailoring. Between the three, they handle everything from orders, legal and PR to events, customer care and creative. But they all agree on what makes a great blazer: “Fit, quality of fabrics, the shoulders, buttons and the accent,” says Torlonia, echoing her partners.

For the Blazé trio, blazers are meant to be worn year-round and for just about any occasion. “I like to have a tomboy-ish and, at the same time, feminine fit, whether it’s with blue jeans or with a cocktail dress,” says Rodriguez d’Acri. Torlonia will pair hers with her favorite pair of pajamas while Pinardi teams a jacket with heels and a boyfriend jean or skinny jeans and sneakers — clearly all about balance. At last count, they each had 10 or more styles of jackets in their own wardrobes. You could call it market research. We call it chic necessities.

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