Legendary artist Georgia O’Keeffe was characteristically Scorpio: passionate, imaginative and fiercely independent

“It was important to me to focus our Foundation on an area where I could make the best contribution — women entrepreneurship. Our programs support women business owners with access to capital, education, community and digital resources. Our Capital Program, powered by Bank of America, has distributed over $65 million in loans to more than 3,500 women entrepreneurs; and each year, the Foundation provides online tools and digital education to more than 500,000 women. At the start of the pandemic, we began offering webinars to help guide women-owned small businesses — a demographic disproportionately hard hit — through these uniquely tumultuous times. More than 400 entrepreneurs join us live each session.

Paving the way for more gender equality isn’t just a matter of justice. Women are a great investment. We know that if women entrepreneurs were more empowered economically, the global GDP would skyrocket – studies say by as much as $5 trillion. That’s just good business.” — Tory

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