Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, courtesy of the Les Twins Instagram

Dancing is one of the most natural things the body can do, and yet take a look at brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois (a.k.a. Les Twins) in action here. They appear to move in the most impossible ways; their bodies coolly skip and stop to the music one minute and are utterly fluid the next. It’s almost like you’re watching them with a remote control, pushing pause, rewind, fast-forward, at various speeds, all the way through. You have to see it to believe it.

But Les Twins, who have danced for Beyoncé and Cirque du Soleil, aren’t the only nimble-footed artists to capture our attention. Here are a few other names for dance enthusiasts to check out: Berlin-based dancer and photographer Rauf Yasit, who goes by the name RubberLegz; Jon Boogz, a Miami “popper” now living in Los Angeles; dubstep pro Marquese Scott (you might have seen him in ads for Uniqlo or on The Ellen DeGeneres Show); Korea’s all-female crew Lock ‘N LOL, who won gold at this month’s World Hip Hop Dance Championship in San Diego; and Brooklyn’s Storyboard P, whom The New Yorker dubs “the Basquiat of street dancing,”

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