Though she has 1.3 million followers on Tik-Tok (plus nearly 250K on Instagram and some 72K on Twitter), Carla Rockmore is not your average influencer. The Dallas-based jewelry designer and mother of two is a fashion veteran who mastered the app in the early days of the pandemic when she desperately needed an outlet for creative self-expression. Her styling tutorials, usually filmed in her enviably glorious two-story closet, are joyful, optimistic and addictive to watch. Carla also uses her platform to speak frankly about – and celebrate – her daughter Ivy’s transition. The two often make content together, for instance styling the same piece in a franchise called ‘Family Fashion Finds.’
Carla recently spoke with Tory Daily about where she finds inspiration, her own mother’s creative influence and why acceptance is a parenting must.

My style ethos is… eclectic. I don’t like to box myself in. I may go very minimalist one day and very maximalist the next. Some days it’s a bit of both. I like to pair pieces that often would not go together. I like tension and surprise in a look.

My latest jewelry collection…is simultaneously classic and statement. I kept going back to Truman Capote’s black and white ball. I imagined the pieces to fit comfortably on those guests, as well as an edgy yet chic It Girl walking down Fifth Avenue today.

Making content with my daughter Ivy… is so much fun. She definitely has her own sense of style and isn’t afraid to experiment. The videos are very collaborative, and I love her inspiring perspective. She challenges and teaches me at the same time.

My own mother’s style…was different from the other moms. She usually had a red lip and a peak hat. She wore capes and high collars. She didn’t dress in a body-conscious way, rather in a creative way. There was color, movement, and balance. She’s an artist, so that seeped into the family and the way we put ourselves together.

I find inspiration…from the wallpaper in a restaurant powder room just as easily as a vintage belt. Sometimes I wonder if I should plan out each video more thoughtfully. That’s not how my mind works. Something always sparks an interest and sense of joy, then I take that inspiration wherever it goes.

The best Mother’s Day gift I ever received…were these crazy little plaster Martian figurines, full of color and joy, that the kids made at summer camp. They somehow hid them from me until May. I treasure those little sculptures.

This Mother’s Day… will be extra special because Ivy graduates in May and we have a slew of activities. There will be a lot of celebration, which she deserves because she works really hard at everything she does. I’ll be happy with a family brunch!

The best advice about motherhood I’ve ever received…to accept and appreciate my children exactly as they are, and never try to change them. More than anything, kids need acceptance and love from their parents.

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