Filmmaker and fine artist Thomas Campbell took three surfers and a few Resort 2013 swim pieces to a beautiful stretch of beach in central California. From there, he created a dreamy surf-scape called Aberrations of Summer.

What was the idea behind this film?
Let’s see, I have an old friend named Randall Poster who has helped me out with music for my surf films and has been a long-time patron of my art. He is friends with Tory and suggested we do a surf-related film for her new collection. I thought the idea sounded fun. The premise of the film was to make something that was really authentic to the surfing vibe of the movies I naturally make and incorporate a few of Tory’s new pieces into the mix.

Where did you shoot and why did you love it?
There are some private ranches in the central California area that are incredibly beautiful and exotic in their unspoiled-ness. I figured we could make a unique piece and create the atmosphere of a dream-like day if we documented the experience in that space. And I think it worked.

What’s the soundtrack?
The soundtrack is by a group called The Mattson 2. They are an amazing jazz duo (identical twins) from San Diego. They made the music in my last surf film The Present. The song was taken from their amazing record Feeling Hands on Galaxia Records. I feel like their sound expresses a very West Coast vibe and accentuates the mood of gratitude and enjoyment of our surfy crew’s adventure.

When and where is your next surf trip?
Ummmm, I am headed down to southern California with my wife [filmmaker Tiffany]. It is always fun to surf down there. The water is a bit warmer. There could be a little Hawaii getaway coming up in a few months…not sure.

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