We quizzed co-founders Erin Jacques (left) and Amanda Freeman on everything from stress-free travels and office serenity.

The secret to keeping zen during the holidays….

Amanda: Set aside a little “you” time every day and spend it exercising, reading, watching TV or treating yourself to a massage or pedicure.
Erin: Try not to overbook your schedule, which tends to interrupt workout routines.

And when traveling…

Amanda: Fly private…just kidding! Don’t travel during the holidays! Honestly, that’s the only way. Take a trip before or after and have a staycation for the holidays.
Erin: Bring an eye mask, extra moisturizer, Aquaphor, a good book and music, of course!

And when in the office…

Amanda: Get up from your desk and walk somewhere at least once an hour. It sounds disruptive, but it will help preserve your productivity and keep you fit.
Erin: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths — it’ll help clear the head.

When eating those holiday meals…

Amanda: Deprivation doesn’t work. Eat bigger portions of healthier things and smaller portions of your not-so-healthy faves.
Erin: Everything in moderation!

My tip to jump-starting your metabolism…

Erin: Move your body! It doesn’t have to be a crazy workout, but just get out for a brisk power walk or quick run.

Start the morning by…

Amanda: Going for a walk. The combination of fresh air and cardiovascular activity are a magical combination.
Erin: Set the alarm a few minutes early so you’re not jumping out of bed rushing. Have a few moments to be still but awake — a simple five-minute meditation is always good and can be done in bed.

Advice for the yoga newbie…

Amanda: Do a little research before picking your first class. Do you want a stretch-focused class, a hot and steamy environment or pumping tunes and a fast flow?
Erin: You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga! So don’t get discouraged when you first start — and not all yoga is equal so if you try one teacher/studio and don’t like it, try another. At SLT Yoga we like to keep our classes fun, athletically challenging and rock out to great music!

For the experts, a quick at-home yoga routine…

Amanda: Variations on a plank, downward dogs, warrior 1s, warrior 2s and triangle pose. Fun!
Erin: Sun salutations to get breath and body flowing, a few standing balancing poses (crescent lunge or warrior 3), a hip opener (like a pigeon or seated spinal twist), followed by a seated forward fold and then a bridge pose or back bend. End with a two-minute rest on your back with the soles of the feet together and knees apart. Close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths.

My motivation mantra…

Amanda: Push yourself now, enjoy yourself later. The promise of no guilt is very powerful.
Erin: Consistency is the key to change!

Photo by Noa Griffel