Best-selling author Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook, Vegan, at Times, pictured with our Lettuce Ware collection. Photo by Noa Griffel.

Whether you’re vegan-for-life or simply trying it out for Veganuary, it can be easy to fall into a recipe rut. Fortunately, bestselling author Jessica Seinfeld’s latest cookbook, Vegan, at Times, is page-after-page of plant-based perfection. A collection of more than 120 vegan recipes, it manages to be insightful without ever being preachy. Seinfeld and her collaborator, Sara Quessenberry, show readers that a vegan diet doesn’t have to be difficult — or even, as the book’s title suggests, a full-time commitment. “This was the go-to book for the Burch/Roussel group over our Christmas Holiday,” says Tory. “Nothing like kicking off the New Year with some stellar and healthy new recipes!” On tonight’s menu: butternut squash risotto and mint chip ice cream. We will definitely be going back for seconds.

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