Tory — pictured here wearing our Satin Burnout Blouse and Silk Burnout Pleated Skirt — seated at her table set with Tory Burch Home. Photograph by Noa Griffel.
Good advice never gets old. The Tory Daily editors recently did a deep dive into the archives, digging through our interviews with entertaining aficionados. Before the holiday season kicks into gear, we created a list of the best table setting tips we have received over the years. Mixing high and low, scented accents, touches of silver… Here, a few timeless favorites.

  • “I like to add small objets, old and new. Items that I have picked up on my travels. A riding cup, a bud vase, a tiny statue… They add color and start conversations.” — Tory Burch, 2020
  • “Keep the flower arrangements simple, but create drama with an abundance of these simple arrangements. Repetition works wonders when creating a memorable table. Choose vases wisely to further echo the mood you are trying to convey.” — Whitney Bromberg-Hawkings, 2019
  • “Mixing high and low is really great. The variety helps keep the tablescape from looking too uniform or fussy. Also, cluster candles and floral arrangements in odd numbers and keep flowers low enough that guests can see over them.” — Jessica Latham, 2019
  • “Choose linens and a centerpiece, then build from there. Add flowers, touches of silver, flatware, salt and pepper shakers, chargers…” — Charlotte Moss, 2018
  • “Always remember that a centerpiece should never interfere with the meal — whether that means blocking the view of the guest across the table or limiting the amount of space available for the actual food, a centerpiece is meant to enhance your tablescape, not overtake it!” Samantha Wasser, 2016
  • “I love putting scented accents on top of each napkin or plate. like vanilla sticks, dry lavender or cinnamon sticks. Holidays are not only about visual richness but about smells as well.” Carlos Mota, 2013

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