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Happiest of birthdays to all of the headstrong Scorpios out there. From October 23rd through November 22nd, we’ll be celebrating this water sign, known for being brave, loyal and — our personal favorite trait — ambitious.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! This will be a powerful month for you since Mercury will be retrograding in your sign from November 1st – 21st. A retrograde is the time to review your life and release whatever doesn’t serve you anymore. If you’re up for a makeover, do it for your birthday present to yourself. The Scorpio in your likes to reinvent yourself on occasion . . . now is one of those times.

You are in Sag luck this month because both Jupiter and Venus are in your sign. Venus will be in Sagittarius from November 1st – 26th. Venus is about beauty, art, pampering and love. See if you can do something very sweet for yourself in a Venus, loving kind of a way. Jupiter is good luck and Venus is love . . . the combination will mean a stellar month for you!

Capricorn is the executive of the Zodiac and commands an air of authority. With the party of planets in Capricorn now, you will feel every bit of an authority figure. Since these are slow-moving planets in your sign now, they will be empowering you for a couple of years. This is your strongest phase in your life to be your authentic self and let the world see how amazing you are. This is your time to shine.

Mars is moving through your house of international travel now. If you are in the mood for a trip, please indulge. Try a destination that you have never visited before and make it exotic and non-touristy. You will be ready for a fairly wild experience. Even if you can’t travel, create an unusual opportunity for yourself.

Early November will bring some peace and harmony to you. The Sun in Scorpio is in a very harmonious angle to your Pisces Sun. Allow the higher side of your watery Sun to come out this month. Make sure to take time for yourself to play, create, laugh, enjoy and relax.

Your power dates this month are November 8th – 10th. You will be put in a leadership position in a sticky situation. Never fear, you will be successful. In fact, you will impress others with your vision and will be respected even more. Future situations will seem easier after this experience.

Mid November is your time to make some changes to your finances. Set up a meeting with your advisors and see what needs to be updated. Because of the wild planet, Uranus, being in Taurus now, you are up for more changes than usual. You are a bit more bold now than you were years ago . . . that’s a good thing.

Venus is in your opposite sign of Sagittarius now and is shining her light on your Sun. This is your month to open up to others more than you are doing. Even though your Gemini seems social, you value your privacy more than others realize. See if you can loosen up this month and be more childlike. Laugh, have fun and be a little silly. Gemini is very youthful so it’s just fine to feel playful.

Your power date this month is the weekend of November 15th. Your Sun in Cancer is a water sign and now there is a perfect triangle between other planets in water. There is harmony that weekend and it’s the perfect time for a holiday party for your friends and family. Make is cozy.

The week of November 18th is your time this month to strut your stuff. Get dressed up, be seen and look your best. You know everyone will be watching you. Art, music and entertainment is favored now. These are all under the domain of Leo, so you will feel right at home. Go big.

Your strongest time this month will be November 19th – 22nd. Your Virgo Sun is being supported by all the other planets who are also in earth signs. There is a big triangle in the sky now, ensuring that all those planets are working with each other easily. You will be able to make serious decisions during that time with confidence.

This month is all about relationships for you, sweet Libra. Since you recently found you voice with Mars going through your sign, you have a new strength that is begging to be seen now. Your voice is stronger than it maybe has ever been. Keep on speaking up . . . especially to those big authority figures.














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