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Dear Virgo, this will be a good birthday month! Keep reading to discover your horoscope by astrologer — and Tory Daily contributor — Susie Cox.

Happy Birthday, dear Virgo! This will be a good birthday month for you because both sensual Venus and passionate Mars are in Virgo now. Pamper yourself at a spa with facials and the works. Art, music and design are also favored. Of course, these planets connect with your love life too. Say what you want so you can get what you want in love. Be bold and brave.

Both Venus and Mercury enter Libra on the same day on September 14th. Venus is all about love and beauty and Mercury is the great communicator. Use these planets in your sign for creativity. If you are in the mood to redecorate your home or spruce up your wardrobe . . . this is the month.

The first week in September is your power time this month. Your Scorpio Sun is aligning nicely with Neptune and some other planets to bring a spiritual time for you. You don’t have to meditate, but see if you can be mindful about your movements. Maybe try a yoga or art class to stimulate your creativity. You will feel calm and focused for much of the month.

You will feel a bit restless the beginning of September, Sag. If you can take a road trip or get out of town, this would be a good time. Since this coincides with Labor Day weekend, you might be able to escape. Try to avoid conflicts with authority figures who want to control you. It won’t work and it will frustrate both of you instead. Be as free as you Sagittarius wants and you will feel happy.

Capricorn is what all astrologers are talking about now, since there is a party of slow-moving planets there now and will be for a while. Capricorn is about accomplishments and being seen as successful in the world and now is your time. If you are completely satisfied with your mission in life, this is the time to push it. If you aren’t happy, now is the time to change your direction. It might take a year or so to complete, but that timing is perfect astrologically.

There are several planets in your house of inner spirit and knowing now. If you are spending more time doing reflection and introspection, you are in the perfect flow. Take some private time this month just for you to ponder your life. Don’t make big changes quite yet, but you can plan for change in the future. Things will unfold as they should.

The Full Moon will be in Pisces on September 13th and it’s called the harvest Moon. Historically it was named that because of agriculture, but it can be used to harvest whatever you want this month. There are lots of planets in Virgo, your opposite sign, that will help you be more organized than normal. See how much you can get accomplished, sweet Pisces.

During mid-September there will be planets moving into your opposite sign of Libra. Aries is “me” and Libra is “we’, so this is a month where relationships will be an important part of your life. Be open to going to parties and get togethers with friends. You will be thrilled at how much fun it will be this month. Laugh a lot.

With the party of planets in Virgo as well as the slow-moving party of planets in Capricorn, your Taurus is being supported by the solar system this month. Focus on the material world now. Look at your finances, move around furniture in your house and buy some art. You might want to organize your closet in preparation for the change of seasons. Make changes and you will be happy.

There is a party of planets in your house of homelife this month, dear Gemini. You enjoy traveling and being the independent spirit, but this month you will want to stay closer to home. If you have any projects that need attending in your surroundings, now is the time to do them. You can even focus on your yard and landscaping also. Can you be a home body for one month? Maybe . . . and it will feel good for a change.

There is a party of planets in your opposite sign of Capricorn now. Often that is when you deal with authority figures wanted to tell you what to do. Make sure you find your voice and say what you want. You can say it in a kind way, which is your style, but speak your truth. If you are in the mood to connect with strong women, now is the time.

Mercury did a retrograde last month is Leo, which was a good time for you to change old patterns. How much did you release? Do you feel more free now? If you still want to get rid of things, do it before the end of the month. Mercury leaves Leo on August 29th and will help you let go of any remnants that need to go away.


乙女座の皆さん、お誕生日おめでとうございます! 魅惑的な金星と情熱的な火星が乙女座に滞在している今月は、素敵な誕生日月となるでしょう。自分へのご褒美にスパでフェイシャル等のトリートメントを受けてみては? アートや音楽、デザインに触れるのもおすすめ。もちろん、金星と火星は恋愛関係にも影響を与えます。思いを口にすれば、叶うかも。勇気を出して、そして大胆に。











先月獅子座で起こった水星の逆行は、以前の習慣を捨てる絶好の機会でした。どれくらい手放せましたか? 以前より伸び伸びしていますか? もしまだ何か手放したいものがあれば、今月末までに。8月29日に水星が獅子座を離れ、不要なものを捨て去るのを手助けしてくれます。

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