Photograph courtesy of Arielle Vey

Driving out east for Memorial Day? Then expect traffic — and lots of it. Here, 6 podcasts to pick up some new knowledge and help pass the time…

  1. Reply AllAn oldie but a goodie. Since 2014, hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman have covered the ins-and-outs of the digital age, exploring everything from politics on Facebook to Instagram-famous dogs.
  2. Fat Mascara Beauty obsessives, this is for you: Friends, colleagues and co-hosts Jessica Matlin, Beauty Director of Harper’s Bazaar, and Jennifer Goldstein, beauty director and features editor of Marie Claire, take you inside their world through celebrity interviews and hilarious recounts of relatable beauty fails. Guests include Miranda Kerr, Emily Weiss, Charlotte Tilbury and Christian Louboutin.
  3. The DropoutIf you found Bad Blood impossible to put down, then you’ll love The Dropout. Host — and ABC News journalist– Rebecca Jarvis deep dives into the unbelievable rise and fall of Silicon Valley’s golden child, Elizabeth Holmes.
  4. Call Your GirlfriendLong-distance relationships are hard, especially when they’re with your bestie. That’s why each week, co-hosts Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman — based in Brooklyn and LA, respectively — hop on the phone to catch up, talk politics, patriarchy and what it’s like to be boss ladies.
  5. All About ItCalifornia-based husband and wife duo Bennett and Arielle take listeners on a journey through their relationship, careers and how the latter two come together. Each hour-long episode listens like a feel-good chat with friends — perfect for the holiday weekend.
  6. Munchies — This is a podcast for all the foodies out there. Famous chefs, celebrities and anyone with feelings — positive or negative — about the culinary world discuss food in all its forms with host Helen Hollyman.

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