Photograph courtesy of Hallstein Water


All water is the same, right? According to Phillip Muhr, co-CEO of Hallstein Water, that couldn’t be more wrong. His family spent nearly two decades in search of the “best possible drinking water,” scouring the globe for a natural, sustainable source. They found their answer in the Hallstatt region of Upper Austria, the birthplace of Hallstein Water. Here, we speak with Muhr about the most exciting — and challenging — aspects of running his family-owned business.

Water is…
The keystone to life. Our bodies are up to 80% water, so it is incredibly important to make sure the water you drink is of the highest quality.


Photograph courtesy of Hallstein Water


Hallstein is different because…
It is naturally high in dissolved oxygen and alkaline with virtually zero sodium — untreated, unfiltered and uncompromised. My family, after a tremendous amount of research, discovered a sustainable aquifer in the Austrian Alps that naturally produces water that met our criteria. Over the past nineteen years, we’ve analyzed, documented and categorized over 3,500 bottled waters, trying to find a second source, or water of a similar quality. We have yet to find one.

The most exciting part about owning a business…
Waking up knowing that every day is different. My family and I are working on multiple projects in different countries, building an infrastructure that allows our clients to enjoy Hallstein Water wherever they are.

And the most challenging…
Solving logistical inquiries from our clients in different countries, at the same time. Our business never sleeps, and our clients are worldwide, so we often receive phone calls in the middle of the night. We are very open and transparent and want to work with any client no matter the question or request.

Photograph courtesy of Hallstein Water


Advice to live by….
Love what you do and never give up. Hard work and determination will prevail. There are many things in life we cannot control, and unexpected situations will arise. Life is a journey filled with millions of decisions, so make sure you remain focused and do not let setbacks bring you down.

Three pro tips to starting your own company…
1. Make sure there is a market for what you do. There are many great ideas in the world, but if no one will buy the product or service, there is no business.
2. Keep it simple and have a clear message. Many business models are too complex and end up being confusing to understand and sell.
3. Take it step by step. Great, solid businesses take time, so do not rush into any decisions.

Muhr family, photograph courtesy of Hallstein Water


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