Tory wearing the Leah dress
What’s your favorite part of entertaining in the fall?
I love any excuse to have family and friends over. If I’m setting a more formal table for dinner, music, flowers and lighting are important. I like natural, less formal flowers that are low enough so people can talk to each other over them. A few stems from the garden in a vase or even a pitcher work. And I light scented candles, like our Cedarwood candle, in all the rooms except the dining, so the scent doesn’t compete with the food.

Do you have a seasonal table setting?
I love to mix prints of the same hue. Our Spongeware collection comes in two patterns that complement each other perfectly. And, of course, flowers — in my mind, a table isn’t complete without them. Whatever is in season. I’ll add small objets that I have found on my travels. These always start conversations.

What’s one thing everyone should remember when setting a table?
That there’s no one way to entertain. Good company is the only key. Some of my favorite nights are when we order take-out pizza or Indian food with my boys, pull out bowls from either our Spongeware or Dodie Thayer collection, and sit around the kitchen table.

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