The rooftop at Pink Mamma, photographed by Jérôme Galland

We’re not just recommending Pink Mamma, in Paris’ Pigalle dsitrict, for a Mother’s Day visit because of the name. That alone would be too much of a gimmick. Rather, the four-story Italian restaurant makes our list because it is an enchanting gem in a city full of first-rate eateries. You can’t miss it — the exterior is covered in pretty pink tiles and lush greenery while each floor inside is beautifully designed with its own identity. Our favorite is the glass-encased rooftop garden, which offers gorgeous views of Paris. Night owls, however, will likely pick the basement as their favorite — it houses a speakeasy-style bar with a hidden entrance within the restaurant.

Aperol spritz, courtesy of Pink Mamma

Basil spritz, courtesy of Pink Mamma

Flower spritz, courtesy of Pink Mamma

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