Jerry Hall, 1975
Mention the name Antonio Lopez to the fashion cognoscenti and they’ll recognize him as one of the industry’s premiere illustrators who captured the verve and energy of Fashion — with a capital F. But not many people know he was a talent behind the camera, too, as a new show at New York’s Danziger Gallery demonstrates. Antonio Lopez, open until April 28th, features his Instamatic photographs from the Seventies: a fresh-faced Jerry Hall; Karl Lagerfeld sans now-signature alabaster hair and opaque sunglasses (you can see his eyes!); a young Pat Cleveland in a sudsy bath; Grace Coddington, more than a decade before joining Anna Wintour at Vogue, and so on. The Puerto Rican native, who died in 1987 at the age of 44, didn’t just capture these personalities at the dawn of their careers — he impacted their lives in very real ways. To wit: He was the one who introduced Tina Chow to her husband, Michael Chow, and gave Jessica Lange her modeling start after discovering the would-be Academy Award winner working in Paris as a mime.

Grace Coddington, 1975

Jerry Hall, 1975

Jerry Hall and Adelle Lutz, 1974

Tina Chow, 1974

Antonio and Jerry Hall, 1976

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