Tory at the Summer Palace in Beijing, wearing the Lucea sweater and maxi skirt with the Gemini Link pom-pom small cross-body

“Happy Lunar New Year! We celebrate the Year of the Rooster with all of our friends, family and colleagues. I love traditions shared and learned from around the world, and Lunar New Year is rich in special moments and history. Families and friends come together for up to two weeks (this year, starting January 28) for big meals, children are given red — a good luck color — envelopes with money to bring them good fortune, and it all culminates in a beautiful lantern festival. Those born in years of the Rooster are known for their loyalty and outgoing personalities.

“In honor of the Year of the Rooster, we have pulled together a special Lunar New Year issue. Contributor Susie Cox will tell us more about the Rooster, while chef Janice Wong talks about traditional dishes and fashion editor-turned-floral artist Yilian Ng shares her favorite flowers for the occasion. And of course, there’s a feng shui element… Happy Lunar New Year from everyone at Tory Burch.”


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“在鸡年到来之际,我们特别为您献上了中国新年特刊——占星师Susie Cox将与我们分享鸡年运势,甜品女王Janice Wong会聊一聊中国传统食物,由时尚编辑转型为花艺师的Yilian Ng将为你提供专业的新年花艺方案。当然,我们也会聊一聊风水……最后,Tory Burch祝大家新年快乐,心想事成!”



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