• Photographed by Jennifer Livingston

  • Photographed by Jennifer Livingston

For Tory, show day goes beyond the packed eight minutes of runway action.
Here, she takes us through her day, from start to finish.

5:00 AM
The alarm goes off, and I’m wide awake. Excited for the show today.
5:45 AM
Running through notes and yesterday’s Fashion Week news while in hair and makeup. But before I do…
6:00 AM
I wake up the boys for traditional pre-show and -school breakfast.
6:45 AM
En route to Lincoln Center.
7:00 AM
Arrive on site — there’s something about empty runways and stages… I love the big oxidized doors at the end of ours. Obsessed with the idea of patina and how time changes things and makes them more beautiful.
8:00 AM
Meet with reporters for some pre-show interviews. Catch up with Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior, who is taking over our Snapchat to launch ToryBurchLive during today’s show.
8:30 AM
Dress rehearsal with our stylist, Tabitha Simmons, and soundcheck with Sebastien Perrin. I love the soundtrack he’s created, which includes “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure — one of my favorite songs.
8:45 AM
Guests start arriving. There’s a lot of energy backstage. We’re doing last-minute checks on the models, hair, makeup, shoes, bags, jewelry…
9:20 AM
Show time! Nian Fish and the entire production team did a great job with the runway — it resembles aged, cracked stone tiles, which tie in nicely with the inspiration. And I love hearing her directives to the models as they walk. “Look like you’re being guided on a private tour of Angkor Wat at dawn — you’re enveloped by a deep joy.
9:40 AM
Interviews with press. When I’m done, I take a group photo with my family, friends and my boys. We have one from every presentation and show…
10:30 AM
Detour trip to check out the new Tory Sport pop-up shop on Elizabeth Street, which opens tomorrow. It’s where we first launched Tory Burch 11 years ago! Designing Tory Sport definitely had a halo effect on Spring — there are some sporty elements in the collection.
11:30 AM
Lunch with my design team at Indochine — it’s tradition! I’m so proud and lucky to work with them. As always, Indochine’s crab cakes are the best.
3:00 PM
I have an interview with the Chinese station CCTV, followed by a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar in Hong Kong.
5:00 PM
Head up to the Madison Avenue store for cocktails with editors from Elle Japan, Senken, L’Officiel Japan, Vogue Japan and more. I’m grateful they’ve made the long trip over.
8:00 PM
Finally home. Looking forward to a quiet dinner with just the family. It’s Fashion Week, but it’s still a school night!
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