Hong Kong Postcard (Postcards from Nowhere), 2014, by Vik Muniz
Chocolate syrup, caviar, paper hole-punches and diamonds… No material is too high or low for Brazilian artist Vik Muniz to incorporate into his works. In a new show at Hong Kong’s Ben Brown Fine Arts gallery, Vik Muniz: Album (open till March 4th), he creates dazzling portraits and landscapes collaged from itty-bitty scraps of vintage photographs and postcards he’s collected, compulsively, through the years. The effect is not unlike Impressionist florals — except instead of blurry brushstrokes up close, you get pieces of stamps, clipped words and images of apples, people and buildings that coalesce into a larger picture from afar. Scanning the surface of his works, your eye never stops wandering, or discovering.

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