Astrology expert Susie Cox reveals all now that we’re in the earth sign of Capricorn (December 21st – January 20th).

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! There is quite a party of planets in Capricorn now. One of them is Venus, who will be in Capricorn until January 5th. Be sure to do some pampering before then.

Both Mars and the moon are in Aquarius and will be joining each other on Christmas Eve. You will feel more affectionate than normal. Great for the holiday season.

The moon will be in your sign December 26th and 27th. Take some time off for this holiday. You will quite spacey and might not be very productive anyway.

Your power dates are December 28th and 29th when your Aries high energy will be in full speed. Plan to do something very exciting or else you might be bored, which is not a pretty sight for an Aries.

The moon will be in Taurus on New Year’s Eve. It is the balance to other, more challenging planets on that day. You might find yourself in the role of the designated driver, even if it wasn’t planned that way.

The first few days of 2015 are your power dates. You will start the New Year with unbridled, almost wild energy for something new. You will be making important decisions with conviction.

The full moon is in your sign of Cancer on January 4th. You will likely have family situations that need resolving. They will be sudden and luckily will not last very long.

Your power dates this month are January 7th and 8th when you will feel like the grandest Leo ever. These are great days to give presentations or for being in the limelight. At least get dressed up and go to a play or out with friends.

This month is the perfect time for you to be involved with a venture relating to the arts. Virgo loves to create and some friends just might ask you to help complete a cool project. Do it!

Libra is the charmer of the zodiac and on January 11th and 12th, your skills of persuasion will come in handy. You’ll find yourself with people who you want to impress.

You have reason to celebrate this holiday season because Saturn is finally leaving Scorpio on December 23rd. You have gotten stronger with Saturn going through your sign. Guaranteed you will feel lighter and more social with Saturn gone.

On December 24th, Saturn will start a 2 ½ year journey through Sagittarius. This will be a time to make business plans, because things will be changing. Are you bored and want a new lifestyle? Get ready.

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