• Brooks Street surf contest at Laguna Beach, California, photographed by Dick Metz © Dick Metz/SHACC
  • Wendy Wagner and Tom Carlin, photographed by Bev Morgan © Bev Morgan/SHACC
  • The Malibu surfing scene, photographed by Joe Quigg © Joe Quigg
  • Beachgoers on Oak Street, Laguna Beach, photographed by Dick Metz © Dick Metz/SHACC
Imagine a time when the surfing community was so small, most surfers worldwide knew each other
on a first-name basis. Bikinis were high-waisted and swim trunks skimmed the tops of thighs. Riding the California waves was akin to exploring the Wild West. It was the birth of an era — and California Surfing and Climbing in the Fifties,
from T. Adler Books, captures the pioneers in action.

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