Astrology expert Susie Cox tells us what’s to come in the fire sign of Aries (March 20th — April 20th).

Happy spring equinox! Aries always opens the new astrological year on the first day of spring. The new moon in Aries is on March 30th and 31st and joins with a group of other planets. Use that time to start something new and grand in your life.

Even though social Venus is your planet, on April 2nd you will be invited out and might just not be in the mood. Don’t feel bad, it’s more of a private day for you.

Gemini is a natural at chatting and talking with friends. The best day for a social soirée this month is Saturday night, April 5th. Go out with some wild people for a very entertaining evening.

The sign of Cancer loves close friends and family gatherings. If you invite people for a homey Sunday dinner on April 6th, you will be amazed at the connections, not to mention the good food.

You will be in the state of mind to get a little wild on April 8th and 9th, but the next day you might have second thoughts. Was it worth it? Plan to get a bit crazy, but not over-the-top.

Your sign of Virgo is very much the perfectionist and not usually as creative as other signs, like Libra. But from March 27th to the 29th, the muses will give you the gift of creativity. Use it!

The full moon will be in your sign of Libra on April 15th. It’s not just a full moon, but also a lunar eclipse. All of the USA will be able to see the entire eclipse, except the extreme northeast. The eclipse will help you change deep patterns in your life.

On Easter Sunday, the moon is in Scorpio and will join Saturn. That makes for an intimate, poignant and meaningful day. Celebrate with family and friends in a small gathering.

Sagittarius is the adventurous traveler, and there is a perfect window in time for a quick, fun trip. Take off the weekend of April 17th through April 20th and you will be glad you did.

Capricorn doesn’t like sudden change, but on March 23rd through March 26th, you will likely experience an abrupt change or adjustment in your relationships.

Your magical day is March 26th, when the moon joins sensual Venus. Kick off a couple of Venus weeks on that date. Venus will be in Aquarius until April 6th, so take that time for some pampering.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in Pisces until April 8th. Make sure you do all your necessary correspondence by that date, because after that, you won’t be in the mood.

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