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The Mad Men and Community actress hits up the Sundance circuit with a new film, Toy’s House. We chatted about all things Park City and more.

What drew you to the film?
The script was really beautiful. Chris Galletta did an amazing job of capturing the feeling of being a teenager and thinking you know better than everyone around you, of wanting to grow up too fast. I really loved the Toy family scenes that capture the awkwardness and honesty that exists between kids and their dad, especially when he has a new girlfriend. It was also really funny, which is always good. I was also excited to work with Jordan Vogt-Roberts. I’d seen his short film Successful Alcoholics and thought it captured that same balance between really serious, dramatic issues and the humor that goes along with how those situations play out.

What was it like working with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman?
Megan and Nick are such a blast to hang out with. I didn’t get to work with Megan, but just having her around made the atmosphere so fun. And it was fantastic working with Nick. He is so quick and funny but never shakes that straight face. I felt like I was honing my own improv skills just by being in the same room as him.

Why is Sundance more fun than other festivals?
Well, I haven’t really been to many other festivals so I can’t totally compare. But I love the camaraderie at Sundance. Maybe because it’s so freezing outside people are extra warm to each other inside. But I do feel like the cold weather disarms people. Everyone seems more laid back and excited to support their fellow artists rather than compete with them.

What other Sundance films are you excited for?
I’m excited for Jim Rash and Nat Faxon’s The Way, Way Back. I just adore Jim and think he is so incredibly talented and funny. I’d watch home videos that he directed. And with the amazing cast that’s involved I don’t doubt this is a movie I’ll flip for.

What’s your Park City look?
It’s all about warm boots, heavy coats and the tightest jeans I can find. Gotta offset that bulk, right?

What are you packing for Utah?
I’m going to pack really light this time. I’ve been trying to be one of those people who decide their exact outfits for every day before leaving for a trip to avoid over-packing. It’s going ok. I’ll probably still need at least a couple different overcoats and pairs of boots though…and sweater options and mittens and hats and…uh oh….

What are you wearing?
Tory Burch! I have an amazing navy TB overcoat that is going to make a repeat appearance at the festival this year along with some new TB sweaters, TB boots, TB gloves, etc. I may mix in a little G-Star jeans as well.

To ski or not to ski?
Unfortunately not! I always try to plan a snowboard day, but I have yet to find the time.

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