Cabana co-founder Martina Mondadori at the Tory Burch boutique in London.

It’s a grand irony that many of the books previously published about David Hicks featured black-and-white photographs. After all, the English decorator – a longtime inspiration for Tory – was known in the 1960s and ’70s for his fearless use of color and pattern. And so, Martina Mondadori, co-founder of Cabana – the Milan-based interiors magazine and lifestyle brand – along with her partner, David’s son Ashley Hicks, decided it was time for a new tome. The pair recently published “David Hicks in Color,” the first in a series of design books for Cabana’s new imprint. ‘David Hicks in Color’ will be celebrated on April 12 at the Mercer Street boutique. Ahead of the event, we caught up with Martina to talk about Hicks’s legacy, what’s in Cabana’s next issue and what she has her eye on in our new collection.

‘David Hicks in Color’ will introduce his work to a new generation. What do you think will resonate with them?

This is exactly what made the idea of this book so appealing to me. This edition will make David Hicks relevant to my generation and the ones after me. What makes his work so appealing is the use of color and pattern that still strikes the perfect balance between contemporary design and comfort, coziness.

The book is organized by color. What color or color combination brings you the most joy?

All colors bring me joy, but I am endlessly fascinated by the chapter on white. Gosh, he knew how to treat “white” and all its variations like a proper color! Tremendously chic.

What currently inspires you in the world of design?

A sort of “Austere Grandeur” that we are championing more and more in the pages of Cabana. The next issue will come out in April, and I believe our readers will notice we are publishing interiors that are certainly grand in their proportions but with an extremely simple and austere kind of décor. Not the baroque or Renaissance style one might associate with Cabana.

What is Cabana’s next big project?

Our 10th anniversary in 2024! More to come, #staytuned…

Below, Martina shares what’s on her Tory wish list.

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