In a time of quick video explainers and SparkNotes summaries, The Drift — a women-founded and run culture, politics and literary magazine — strives for substance. Launched in 2020 by Harvard graduates Kiara Barrow and Rebecca Panovka, The Drift’s focus is on long-form essays that require us, the readers, to dig deeper, ask questions and examine our ideas a bit more. “We’re committed to offering a forum for young people who haven’t yet been absorbed into the media hivemind, and don’t feel hemmed in by the boundaries of the existing discourse,” wrote the co-founders for The Drift’s inaugural print issue. “These are times in which the world needs fresh voices: we’re certain that there’s more to say, and more fun to be had saying it.” Sold at New York literary institutions like McNally Jackson and Casa Magazines, and with notable fans including Sheila Heti and David Remnick, The Drift has quickly become the “place to be” for young writers.


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