Tory at home wearing our Velvet Devoré Dress. Photograph by Noa Griffel.

To celebrate the launch of our Holiday 2021/Resort 2022 collection, the Tory Daily editors sat down with Tory for a conversation on fantasy, glamour and the season’s must-have bag.

What inspired the Holiday 2021/Resort 2022 collection?
We wanted the season to feel hopeful and optimistic, with a sense of fantasy and escape. I considered the pieces I was most looking forward to wearing. Pieces you can wear your own way, without any pretension, but that still feel glamourous.

How is this translated in the clothes and accessories?

Casual silhouettes cut from elevated materials such as tulle, velvet, satin and Lurex. Silver metallic knit cardigans and t-shirts; a workman’s jacket reimagined in pink velvet; optical prints on anoraks and skirts. This idea of switching heels for the ease and modernity of ballet flats. We wanted to find a balance between comfort and creativity.

Do you have any favorite pieces?

Our crinkle stripe lamé dress is, for me, the ultimate holiday piece. Then there is our swan jewelry: incredibly chic bracelets and earrings crafted from lightweight, crystal-studded resin. The bag I will be taking everywhere is our croc-embossed Eleanor — its jewelry-inspired twisted chain makes it perfect for evenings.

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