Photo by Noa Griffel
Pattern plays aren’t just for your wardrobe, this fall. It’s a great tabletop look, too. There’s just one rule: Don’t be afraid to channel your inner magpie and mix things up. You can layer one floral print atop another, like Tory did with these antique plates and D. Porthault place mats and linens. You can even get playful with your glassware and pair it with, for example, these textured wicker cozies Tory found during her travels.

As with fashion, sticking to a common color scheme ties it all together. Tory’s a big fan of blue, and even picked periwinkle hydrangeas for the finishing touch — she loves how “busy and full-looking” they are. Note: There’s no tablecloth. That gives the setting a casual, end-of-summer feel.

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