Margarita on location, by Café de La Escalera and Maricu

at Tory Burch El Palacio De Hierro Polanco boutique.

The genesis of the margarita is blurry (much like how you’ll feel after one too many of them); even the Smithsonian’s research on this classic cocktail cannot confirm whether it was birthed in Acapulco or Tijuana. No matter its origins, it’s been reimagined in a bevy of great ways. Here’s an unexpected version of the classic recipe that was  recently served at the Tory Burch El Palacio De Hierro Polanco boutique. Below, a refreshing and fruity take on margarita perfection.

Orange and Cranberry Margarita

1.5 oz rested tequila

0.75 oz cointreau

1 oz lemon juice Eureka

2 orange twist

1 dash of cranberry juice

½ Tsp. of granulated sugar

*salting the rim is optional but encouraged

Macerate the orange with a little sugar, mix all the ingredients except the cranberry juice, shake with ice and when serving add the dash of cranberry juice.

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