Surely you’re familiar with work of artist Frida Kahlo, but the recently launched exhibit “Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving” at The Brooklyn Museum, throws open the door into her personal life, literally. Many of the over three hundred items on display were discovered at  her home, Casa Azul in Mexico City, when a door locked by her husband, artist Diego Rivera, was finally opened. Ultimately it’s a 3-D scrapbook of not only her art but also artifacts that date from her childhood through to the end: photographs, vibrantly colored clothing, orthopedic corsets, makeup, and various other memorabilia.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, and coincidentally #EmbraceAmbition with Tory and the Tory Burch Foundation at The Brooklyn Museum, Kahlo’s work is especially poignant. She used art as a language to articulate her inner physical and emotional pain, and continues to be a role model for current and future generations of women to speak their own minds.

More about #EmbraceAmbition & the Tory Burch Foundation:
In 2009, Tory launched the Tory Burch Foundation which provides access to capital, education and digital resources to empower women entrepreneurs. Learn more about the Foundation and #EmbraceAmbition here.

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