Lucio Fontana

If you’re planning an Upper East Side museum visit or just happen to be in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by The Met Breuer and The Met Fifth Avenue to take in Lucio Fontana’s recently opened exhibit which runs through April 14, 2019. The Argentinian born artist was a painter, sculptor and art theorist who is credited with founding the Spatialism Movement. He once stated, “We want paintings to come out of their frames, and sculptures from under their glass case.” To wit, his work broke through the two-dimensional plane into 3-D form. The artist is most famous for his monochrome canvases that he would cut or puncture, leaving slash marks and holes that added a spatial energy. His exploration of how to use art to expand the boundaries of light and space is clearly a pre-cursor and inspiration to the installations created by Dan Flavin and James Turrell.

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