What do you get your Gemini best friend? Your Scorpio mother-in-law or Libra coworker? For Holiday 2018, we asked Susan Miller, famed astrologer and Astrology Zone founder, to select the perfect presents from Tory’s Holiday Gift Guide for each zodiac sign. Here, she talks about why Aries is drawn to red, Taurus to cashmere, Gemini to anything travel-related and Cancer to pieces with a soft touch. Read what Susan say about the all the signs here and here, and shop her Astrology Zone Gift Guide by Zodiac Sign here.

The Aries woman has ideas and what makes her a standout is that she doesn’t just dream—she puts ideas into action. As the entrepreneur of the zodiac she is always on the go. Try to contain her and she will bolt.

A red bag is perfect for Aries. She’s had a fantastic financial year in 2018 and now that Jupiter is moving into Sagittarius for all of 2019, she will spread her wings to travel far and wide, more so than in recent years.

Red is Aries’ lucky color, and many cultures feel the color is fortunate, too. My father used to tell me, wear something red when you have an important interview—it will chase away the devil. Red is a symbol of strength, courage, drive and enthusiasm, and those are all qualities the Aries woman has in abundance.

Taurus beauty everywhere and takes the time to notice and celebrate it. She is exquisitely sensuous. Having dinner with her is fun — Taurus tries to guess the spices the chef used and offers you a bite so you can guess, too. She will notice the perfume you are wearing (and she probably knows its name) and leaning over to touch your sleeve, will ask if your blouse is made of silk, saying, “It drapes beautifully.”

With Uranus moving into Taurus for the first time since 1934 to 1942, our Taurus heroine will be making headline news in the coming seven years. Any circumstance that she found constricting, she will now find the courage to break free and surprise her friends and family with her decisiveness and sense of purpose.

When shopping for wardrobe items she loves tactile, natural fibers like cotton, cashmere, suede, silk and wool and favors neutral colors. Taurus practically invented the term ‘investment dressing.’ She wants quality and the ability to mix-and-match with anything — between seasons and years.

Taurus is modest, so bright colors don’t suit her personality, while cashmere brings quality and durability, suiting Taurus’ practical side. The Taurus woman is thoughtful, beautiful inside and out.


Curious, intellectual and spontaneous, Gemini wants to know more about the world around her. She is ruled by quick witted Mercury and is well read, so chances are, she was captain of her college debate team.

Many Gemini go into journalism or become authors, columnists or editors. Being the first to hear about emerging news is delicious to her. Other Gemini work successfully in PR, social media or become agents, negotiating smart deals for others. She would also make a crackerjack travel agent, too — being on the move is just her style. As air sign depictions of her sign often illustrated her with her twin in flight, light as air, flying above the earth like a bird.

Gemini is one of the two zodiac signs that loves travel. When weather in her hometown gets dreary, you will find the Gemini woman browsing airfares…even if only for a long weekend. She particularly likes to chase the sun. She stays in perpetual motion. She likes to travel light because she’s a pro at the journey.

If she has children, she will surprise her young daughter who goes to middle school with the Bear Key keychain and fill it with house keys s her daughter can enter when returning from school.

The Taurus woman is thoughtful, beautiful inside and out.

Cancer has a strong creative side and loves fashion — especially season-less looks she can wear throughout the year. Her sensitive and kind nature makes anything soft, warm and fuzzy ideal for Cancer — whether she’s playing with her children or hiking through Vermont.

Cancer is a remarkably savvy shopper and money manager. She buys with an eye to the long road ahead and all the many functions he has to perform in a day — work and play. She loves fashion, but the idea of buying a garment that she can only wear for one season seems odd to her — she insists that her looks can be used many times for a variety of events, throughout the year.

Cancer’s sensitive, kind and empathic nature will draw her to anything warm and fuzzy. Quality and softness is ideal for her personality and lifestyle. She loves to play with her children (or her nieces and nephews) and keeping the spirit of the child within her alive.