• “The orange is a surprise, but we love it in dining rooms and bedrooms —
    it’s even in my brother Mike’s office.”
  •  “A classic design based on an antique wallpaper owned by Pauline de Rothschild. This is the design Tory chose for her own home, although every order we create is different, designed specifically for the space and per clients’ requests.”
  •  “White and gray design on a handmade pewter tealeaf ground. Nothing casts a prettier glow than a silver wallpaper in candlelight.”
  •  “A modern ‘bones only’ approach to update the classic Chinese floral scenic wallpaper.
    A custom order for [interior designer] Bunny Williams on blue appeared in the December issue of Architectural Digest.”
  •  “Ordered by [interior designer] Mark Hampton for his own bedroom and still a favorite of ours (and our clients).”

The backdrop for our Fall 2012 runway show played perfectly into the season’s inspiration — a prim girl with a bad boyfriend and the hotel where they meet. The wallpaper is by Gracie Studio.  Jennifer Gracie, the 4th generation owner, explains that this print is based on one of the family’s original designs. “It’s an 18th Century pattern of antique paper belonging to our great grandfather,” says Gracie. Above, the design seen on Tory’s runway as well as a few of of Gracie’s top looks.

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