• Appliquéd cotton wall hanging, from Gujarat, circa 1700

  • Embroidered silk and cotton Rabari child’s jacket, from Kutch, 20th century

  • Appliquéd cotton room hanging, from Gujarat, 20th century

  • Embroidered wool map shawl, from Kashmir, 19th century

  • Embroidered trim embroidered with beetle wings, from Hyderabad, 19th century

  • Watercolor and gold on paper, from Mughal, late 17th century

  • Painted and dyed cotton floor spread, from the Coromandel Coast, circa 1630

  • Tipus Tent, from National Trust Images

India’s textile history is rich and diverse — and you can scan the full breadth of the country’s incredible works in The Fabric of India, a new exhibit at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. Click through the slideshow above for a preview and, if you’re in London, stop by the show, which closes on January 10, 2016 and is part of the museum’s larger India Festival this year. Other events include an installation by Subodh Gupta, one of the country’s most celebrated contemporary artists, and a showcase of bejeweled Indian treasures, from Mughal jades to the famous 17.21-carat Arcot II diamond.

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