If you’re looking for an escape from the art-fair mania in Miami, head to the Pérez Art Museum Miami on Biscayne Boulevard…

It was probably a given that we would be captivated by Beatriz Milhazes’ exhibit in Miami. An artist known for her exuberant celebration of color and the name of her show is Jardim Botânico, a nod to the botanical gardens near her studio in Rio de Janeiro? Color and flora are two elements we can never get enough of here. And on those counts, Milhazes’ show definitely does not disappoint. The first major U.S. retrospective for this renowned Brazilian artist — who’s created murals for the restaurant at the Tate Modern and the Gloucester Road station of the London Tube — is a happy explosion of color, geometry and abstracted blooms. You can see the influence of European Modernism (Matisse and Mondrian are two oft-cited inspirations) as well as Brazil itself; her works vibrate and pulse with the tropical energy of the country. And Milhazes’ technique is as intriguing as the vibrant results — she paints each “shape” on plastic sheets, which she then transfers onto her canvas, decal-like.

Exhibit photo courtesy of Pérez Art Museum Miami

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