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Tory offers a peek into her own garden oasis and its inspiration

“This is the garden outside my bedroom window. A lot of the inspiration behind my collections stems from here and my love of gardens in general.

“I worked with landscape artist Perry Guillot on the layout, which was inspired by the original lawn dating back to 1929. We actually pulled archival photos and recreated the footprint of the planted bed areas. You’ll find everything from boxwoods, delphiniums and rhododendrons to pale pink roses. I especially love the deep purple-blue of the salvia flowers.

“I get my passion for fresh flowers from my mother Reva — she’s an organic gardener. When I was growing up, she grew all our vegetables! I continue the tradition to this day. Tomatoes, lemongrass, chives, loofah, watermelon and eggplant — I’ve planted them all, at one time or another.” — Tory

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