Awning Stripe Caftan Speedo Goggles Printed Cut Out One Piece Ines Espadrille Slide Eve Babitz Book Shiseido Sunscreen Clyde Sunhat

One of Christmas break’s greatest gifts didn’t come in wrapping paper. The long run of delectably shapeless days reminded you how to slow down and live in the moment. Your in-box was deader than ever, so you had conversations instead of missed connections. You spent afternoons reading books instead of chasing comments. Being present is an invaluable skill, and you’d be wise to book a getaway dedicated to further practice before it slips away. We recommend you head somewhere warm, near a body of water that you can plunge into whenever the enlightenment gets too intense. We’ve selected seven must-haves all worthy of a spot in your luggage. Feel free to leave your phone at home.

1. Awning Stripe Caftan

2. Speedo Goggles

3. Printed Cut-Out One-Piece

4. Clyde Sunhat

5. Shiseido Sunscreen

6. L.A. Woman by Eve Babitz

7. Ines Espadrille

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