Leave it to hair stylist Eugene Souleiman to whip up a look that fits our Spring 2013 wheat motif to a T: a loose fishtail braid. “It’s a little pulled apart, very relaxed and natural — which worked well with the bohemian spirit of Tory’s collection,” he explains.

For a Single Fishtail Braid

1. Pull hair to the side and split into two even sections.

2. Take a small strand of hair (about 1/2 to 3/4 cm) from the outside of the left section and pass over to the right section, so it finishes under the right section.

3. Repeat step 2 on the other side — pull from the outside of the right section and pass over to the left section, so it finishes under the left section.

4. Keep repeating — from the left, then from the right, then the left…. Follow that pattern.

Insider tip: It’s the passing of small strands of hair back and forth that creates the fishtail. Just remember to use the same thickness for each strand to create an even look.

Extra credit: Get creative! “You can wrap the braid around the head, you can put it in knots, wrap it into a bun — you can do lots of things to it. Or you could just have a single braid down the back,” says Eugene. “That’s the great thing about this kind of hairstyle — it’s versatile.”

Photographs by Jennifer Livingston and 9 to 5 chic

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