Julianne Moore and Monisha Henley of Everytown had a critical conversation on gun control and how we can act in this moment. “It’s not a city issue, it’s not a school issue, this is everybody’s issue,” said Henley.

More than 50 leaders in business, entertainment, science, social justice and sports came together yesterday for our third Embrace Ambition Summit. Audiences — live and virtual — gathered to watch a full day of inspiring conversations and speeches covering everything from the war in Afghanistan to gun control and women’s rights in the United States.

Below are a few key moments:

Eva Chen and Min Jin Lee took the stage for their discussion on bias against Asian Americans. “I really believe that each of us in here has a voice and we have a responsibility to speak up for the things we believe in,” Chen told the audience.

In a conversation with Moira Forbes, Sharon Miller and Mandela Dixon, Fearless Fund CEO and Co-Founder Arian Simone said, “Women of color are the most founded group, but the least funded.” The Tory Burch Foundation has teamed with Fearless Fund and The Cru to provide a total of 150 women of color-led small businesses grants between $10,000 and $20,000 for a multimillion-dollar total investment.

A grand slam moment at the Summit’s closing with tennis legend Billie Jean King. Tory Burch will be the official outfitter of the women’s World Cup of Tennis, the Billie Jean King Cup by BNP Paribas, the largest annual international team event in women’s sports. Tory Burch Foundation is a nonprofit partner of the Billie Jean King Cup by BNP Paribas.

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