Moondance by Van Morrison, one of Tory’s favorite albums

In the spirit of our Music Issue, we dedicate this horoscope to all the musical Virgos out there, including Van Morrison (above), Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury, Patsy Cline, Leonard Cohen…. Below, what to expect from the earth sign this month, courtesy of astrologer Susie Cox.

Happy Birthday, dear Virgo! This is a special birthday for you, because Mercury will be retrograde in your sign for most of this month. Use this opportunity to make changes in your life. What can you release to feel more freedom?

Jupiter is in your sign of Libra and will be joined by the Moon on August 24th and 25th. Go out after sunset and look up… you can’t miss them. Make a wish when you see them.

The last couple of days in August will be your time to connect with others. Get together with people you haven’t seen in a long time. This is a good time for a reunion of good friends.

Late August will be your time to feel accomplished. Make plans for important meetings during the last week of the month. You will feel ready to move forward with some plans you’ve had for a while.

This is your month to make some big decisions in your life. You have an urge to expand and be more adventurous than your usual Capricorn style. Be as bold as you can manage. You might like it.

There is currently a party of planets in your opposite sign of Leo. That strong energy will inspire you to take charge of something now. It might be leadership by default because someone is letting things fall, but you are drawn to it nevertheless.

The full moon will be in your sign of Pisces this month on September 6th. This will be an extra strong Pisces full moon because the moon will be joining the planet Neptune. The inspirational planet Neptune is associated with Pisces, making you even more Pisces than usual.

There is now a huge triangle of planets in the sky in fire signs. Your sun in Aries is a fire sign that will benefit from this very positive grouping. Your power dates are September 7th and 8th for this surge of energy. Use it to go forward in your life.

This is a great month for you to get together with your loved ones for a family reunion. Plan for an exciting gathering with fun and entertainment. Make it memorable.

Mid-September is your power time this month. You will be attracting sudden and incredible experiences. If you are up for a road trip or a holiday, this is the time. Have fun, dear Gemini!

Mid-September will be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride for you, sweet Cancer. There will likely be unexpected situations with family members that will involve you. Don’t feel bad, because once it’s all over, everyone will feel better.

Venus will enter your sign of Leo on August 27th and will remain there until September 21st. This is the time for some serious pampering. Is a spa holiday in your stars? Yes!

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