• Plage Carrée:
    “The picture was taken in a little port in Positano, Italy, in the summer of 2015. I like the graphic line, the colors, and how people organized themselves in the square.”
  • Positano Façade:
    “This was also in Positano. I like all the colorful houses, empty of people, the white sky, calm and peaceful.”
  • Plage Capri:
    “This was taken in Capri in the summer of 2015. In this picture I am a witness to people’s lives on holiday, the frame lying like a wallpaper. You can watch different people and imagine what are they doing, their lives, etc. All the doors are open and we can write a different story…”
  • Faraglioni 1:
    “This picture was taken of the famous island by Capri, Italy, in the summer of 2015. The famous faraglioni looks very calm and quiet in the frame — which is very rare. No boats, no waves, just the rock sitting, floating on this quiet sea. It gives me quite the feeling.”
  • Plage Fluo:
    “This picture was been taken in India in the south, Kerala, in 2008. This beach seems calm and quiet; the colors are pastels. It is like a peaceful painting.”

Paris photographer Anne-Sophie Granjon tells us about her work and, above in the captions, shares insight into some of our favorite photographs of hers from around the world.

The photography bug bit when…
I have always been interested in being a photographer. I got my first camera when I was nine. I was shooting all the time, around my travels; I was a witness wanted to fix the magic moments of people and life. I started my career in photojournalism and, then, portraits. Then, I traveled a lot, all around the world with my camera…

My photography style…
What fascinates me is the magic and the transience of the moment as seen in both urban and natural environments. My images are slow and silent; there is a kind of nostalgia. With my images I draw a world full of people or deserted, noisy or calm.

Favorite subjects to shoot…
My pictures can be seen like a painting. Therefore, I work a lot my “Whiteworld” — a white world where you can see there a woman in red, there a fisherman in yellow, there an empty house with blues windows.

Favorite place in the world to photograph…
I really enjoy shooting in India, where I have been going for 20 years. I like the light there, the vibrations, the colors, the people, the rhythm. I want to frame and remember all the scenes that are going to disappear with the modernization. With my pictures I write stories, poems… in my “Whiteworld” diary.

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