Photographs courtesy of Butler
A bistro in Brooklyn? Not exactly groundbreaking. A bistro in Brooklyn with a Michelin-starred pastry chef? Now we’re talking. Butler, Wiliamsburg’s chic new bakeshop and espresso bar, serves up a menu both sweet and savory conceived by much-lauded chef Ryan Butler. The idea behind the place, according to its namesake chef (who formerly handled the pastry programs at Manhattan institutions like Gramercy Park Hotel and Tocqueville) is to take fine-dining techniques and translate them into an easy, casual café-style presentation and setting. No fuss, all flavor.

That interplay between serious and friendly can also be witnessed in the café’s design. Exposed concrete walls give way to swaths papered in Hygge & West’s cheeky pineapple print, and leather banquettes are presided over by pale pink sconces. In short: Butler is serving up some majorly good food and some killer interiors — two things we can definitely get behind.

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