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Where in the world is The Londoner’s Rose Thomas? Given her blog’s name, you’d be correct to surmise that she hails from the UK, but this Brit travels the world over — Maldives, Italy, Marrakech — while sharing her exploits with her fans. Here, we talk to Thomas — A.K.A. Rosie Londoner — who also writes about a whole array of lifestyle topics on The Londoner, from food to fashion. Above, she wears Tory’s suede Gigi.

My story…
I’m Rosie, a roaming blogger from Notting Hill, London. I write about everything that inspires or excites me: travel, restaurants, fashion, recipes. I started the blog as a hobby and never even dreamed it could grow into what it’s become.

My style…
Classic, with a twist. I like to invest in timeless, elegant pieces that will last… but mix them up with a few crazy seasonal pieces now and then!

My top shoe tip…
You can’t skimp on your shoe budget. The cheaper the shoes, the more you’ll be cursing them by the end of the day. Invest in timeless, well-made shoes that you can wear with more than one sort of outfit. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

Best fashion advice received…
I remember wearing a really over-the-top outfit for dinner one night when I was a teenager. What had felt special and daring in the shop was suddenly terrifying and embarrassing when walking through the restaurant — I wanted to disappear into the wallpaper. My mum noticed me tugging on the hem and staring determinedly at the floor. She whispered, “However you feel, put your shoulders back, hold your head high and walk as though you’re wearing a crown. You can wear a ball gown or a bin bag and as long as you stand tall and carry it off, you’ll look a million dollars.” Somehow it’s always stayed with me and I truly believe it’s your attitude that makes an outfit.

What I love about the Gigi
Gigi is elegant, she’s timeless and a classic beauty. You can take her to school, to work or to dinner and you’ll never feel out of place.

If I could walk in somebody else’s shoe for a day…
Estée Lauder. I find her so intriguing, such an inspiration to women in business. It’s not easy to create an empire and it must have been even harder back then. I’d love to know how she handled it, how she stayed strong under pressure and managed it all with such elegance and style. And I bet she had some incredible shoes!

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