The Founder of New York jewelry line Brvtvs, wearing Tory’s Robinson square tote,
takes us through a chic day in her life. And, yes, that’s Brvtvs pronounced like that history-making, double-crossing Roman assassin — except, here, the name now evokes coolly minimal designs that are equal parts masculin and féminin.


7:30 AM
Wake up and reluctantly check a few emails. Fall back asleep.
8:00 AM
Actually wake up for real this time.
8:15 AM
Head out for a quick walk with my dog, Darryl. Stop along the way for coffee and a croissant at Tartine.
9:00 AM
Shower and dress. On days that I know I am going to be making a lot of jewelry I usually opt for jeans and a t-shirt — something I can get dirty and be comfortable in, but that I can dress up later with a jacket if I need to head out somewhere.
9:30 AM
Head down to my studio. My commute isn’t that long, just two flights of stairs.
9:31 AM
More emails and list-making of what I need to get done for the day. I’m really archaic and like to have actual handwritten lists that I can cross off as I go about my day. 
11:00 AM
Meeting with a buyer who is in town from Miami. I really like to meet and chat with the buyers I work with in person. To me, jewelry is something so personal and I like communicating and interacting with them in real life as much as possible, instead of only through my computer screen.
12:00 PM
Lunch. We have some leftover fried chicken in the fridge upstairs, so I head up there and eat it at my kitchen counter.
12:30 PM
Head to the Diamond District uptown to pick up some supplies.
1:30 PM
The rest of my day is spent at my bench making jewelry and shipping out orders. I try and get a few solid hours of just making things as often as I can.
5:30 PM
Head to the dog park with Darryl so he can get some of his energy out chasing his friends.
6:30 PM
It’s Friday so I end the day a little earlier than normal. Since the weather is so nice out, we always have friends over for an early cocktail on our roof. My husband’s design firm is one floor above my studio so it’s nice to cut out when the sun is still out and finish out the day with everyone outside.
8:00 PM
Head to dinner. Our friend Thomas has a great place in Nolita called Estela. We usually go there once a week to hang out and unwind from the day.
11:30 PM
One last walk around the neighborhood with Darryl
Pass out.


Photographed by Noa Griffel

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