Tory photographed at home by Noa Griffel

Tory chats with us about her new home collection. Click through to discover it all.

What inspired the collection?
I’ve always loved home décor and am constantly asked about vintage pieces in my own home that I’ve picked up on my travels. I love finding interesting pieces whether in a flea market or an antique fair or bazaar, and this new collection is partly inspired by that. But the main inspiration is really my family and items that I remember seeing around the house when I was growing up.

What can we expect?
We have beautiful brass frames, named after my twins Henry and Nick. There’s a bar set, named after my grandmother on my father’s side, Rae, and a nut-shaped nutcracker and a nut-and-bolt-shaped wine opener. The handcrafted boxes take after ones in my own home and the needlepoint pillows are inspired by the ones my father made.

Buddy needlepointed?
My parents learned how to needlepoint on a six-week cruise in the Mediterranean — my father especially loved it, and he taught me how to needlepoint when I was little. He was an avid needlepointer.

Can you share some of the backstories to the needlepoint patterns?
The lion and leopard pillows stem from my parents’ shared interest in folk art. We used to keep these on our porch growing up, and I have them out in my home now. My favorite is the one we named after my father, Buddy. It features an embroidered likeness of him writing my mother a note that says “Everything begets thee to me.” It’s a phrase he often said to her, and is engraved on her wedding ring.

What do you love about this collection?
It’s very personal to me, and I will be giving these as gifts at Christmas to friends and family. But everything is timeless and classic, and everything has a story behind it that starts a conversation.

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